Calendar of FCF Gigs 2016-17

(High School FCF)



2011-12 Performances:

October 8, Contradance in Camden, Maine

October 13, 2nd Thursday Fiddle Jam

November 10, 2nd Thursday Fiddle Jam

November 11, Veteran’s Day Ceremony, Wal-mart

November 12, Contradance in West Farmington

    6:30 Family Dance

    8:00-10:30 Contradance

November 18, FCF @ Robin’s Flower Pot (between 6 and 7:30 pm)

December 8, 2nd Thursday Fiddle Jam

December 10, Festival of Trees, 12:00 pm at UMF N. Dining Hall

December 11, FCF at Old South Church Carol Sing

December 22, FCF at Skye Theatre - FCF “Home for the Holidays”

January 12, 2nd Thursday Fiddle Jam

February 9, 2nd Thursday Fiddle Jam

March 8, 2nd Thursday Fiddle Jam

March 17, St. Patrick’s Day Dinner at St. Joseph’s Church 4-6:30.

March 24, annual Weld Town Hall Concert

March 30, School Concert in Sabattus, Maine

March 30, FCF at Downeast Country Dance Festival!!!

April 12, 2nd Thursday Fiddle Jam

April 28, for local foods event - 12:15-1:15 at the Homestead Bakery

April 30, FCF opening for Boréal Tordu at Skye Theatre in Carthage, ME

May 10, 2nd Thursday Fiddle Jam

May 21, FCF auditions

May 25, FCF Spring Concert (Location tba)

June 2, FCF end of year party

June 9, FCF at MBHS Graduation

June 14, 2nd Thursday Fiddle Jam  (Last one of 11-12 school year)

Franklin County Fiddlers Date for 2010-11:

August 30, 2010, rehearsals start

September 25, The Farmington Fair

September 30, Jam at Wicked Gelato, Farmington 7:30-8:30 pm

October 7, Jam at Wicked Gelato, Farmington 7:30-8:30 pm

October 21, Jam at Wicked Gelato, Farmington 7:30-8:30 pm *

    *”Pa-jam-a jam” with FCF (appropriate pjs please!)

October 22, Extension Group performance at UMF North Dining Hall

November 11, Veteran’s Day Ceremony at Farmington Wal-mart

November 11, Gelato Jam

November 13, United Way Function at UMF 5:45-6:45 pm

November 13, Farmington Contradance!!

December 4, Festival of Trees at the Granary 12-1:00 pm

December 9, Gelato Jam

December 10, FMH (Frank. Mem. Hospital) Holiday party (private)

December 12, Old South Church holiday fundraiser

    (funds to help local folks with heating assistance)

December 23, FCF quintet playing holiday music at Wicked Gelato

January 13, Gelato Jam

January 16, Wilton Cong. Church community fundraiser concert

    (usually helps with local food bank or heating oil assistance)

February 10, Gelato Jam

March 10, Gelato Jam

March 12, FCF playing at St. Joseph’s Church St. Pat’s Dinner

March 12, FCF playing the contradance, location, tba

March 20, Combo concert with Pineland Fiddlers and Abbott Hill Ramblers

    at Skye Theater in Carthage, Maine

March 26, 2011, annual FCF Weld Town Hall Concert 7 pm, Weld Town Hall

April 13-20, FCF trip to New Brunswick and Nova Scotia!

    Check out our trip blog!

April 14, Gelato Jam  (not happening, we’ll be in Canada~ )

May 4, Skye Theater 7:00 pm, opening for The PEI Fiddle Camp

    Road Show

May 12, Gelato Jam

May 15, Benefit for Chesterville Center Church, Chesterville, ME

    With the Mt. Blue Voices 3:00 pm

May 15, Private show at Calzolaio’s in Wilton, 6:00 pm

    (For the Chamber of Commerce re: Maine Tourism)

May 22, annual Spring Concert, Nordica Auditorium, UMF, 7:00 pm

May 23, FCF auditions for 2011-12!

June 4, Mallett School Celebration, Time TBA

June 4, FCF End of Year Party more details tba

June 9, Gelato Jam

June 11, 2011, at MBHS Graduation

June 25 - Kingfield Pops!   This looks to be awesome, we’re honored!

and more coming!!!!

Past dates:


August 31, 2009, rehearsals start

September 22, The Farmington Fair

December 5, 2009 The Festival of Trees

December 12, 2009, The Farmington Contradance

January 24, 2010, at the Wilton Food Pantry Benefit Concert

January 29, 2010, at “Serious Fun” concert for Haiti earthquake relief

February 23, 2010, at the MBRSD School Board meeting

March 13, 2010, at St. Patrick’s Dinner, St. Joseph’s Church, Farmington

March 20, 2010 annual Weld Concert

March 25, 2010 FCF at the Wilton PTA Spaghetti Supper, AHS 5:45-6:15

March 27, 2010 performances at the Downeast Country Dance Festival

March 29, 2010 FCF at FMH for a private reception (replaces rehearsal)

April 7, 2010 Perform National Anthem and a short concert for the Maine

    State Legislature at Maine State Capitol Building in Augusta, Maine

April 7, 2010 FCF at Mallett PTA thank-you night, at MBHS

May 14, 2010 at MBHS for FRTC Logger’s Meet dinner

May 15, 2010 FCF opens for Boréal Tordu at Nordica Auditorium, 7:00 pm

May 19, 2010 FCF plays at the Tri-county Foster Parents Reception, Auburn

May 23, 2010 Spring Concert 7:00 pm, Nordica Auditorium, UMF

June 4, 2010 FCF at “Sam-bor-ee” at the Farmington Fair Grounds

June 5, 2010 in Kingfield, Maine

June 12, 2010, at MBHS Graduation


September 16, Farmington Fair Grandstands - 7-8 pm

October 18, 2:30 performance for Pierce House residents

November 22, 9:00-10:00 am Nichols Expo in Wilton (MBHS craft fair)

December 6, Festival of Trees 12:00-1:00 at the Granary

December 13, private holiday party for Barcla’s, Comfort Inn, Wilton

December 14, Free concert with MB Voices, Bass Room, FMH 7:00 pm

January 10, Contradance at Fairbanks Community Center, 8-11 pm

January 16, workshops and performances in Madison schools

January 23, opening for Lissa Schneckenburger, Nordica, UMF, 7:30 pm

January 25, Wilton UCC, benefit concert with MBHS groups 2:00 pm

February 6, Wine and Chocolate event, for MSAD #9 adult ed, Elks 6:00 pm

February 7, Wilf Clark and the Misty Mountaineers plus special guests,

    The Smith Brothers.   Bluegrass benefit concert to support FCF’s trip

    to New Orleans.  Nordica Auditorium, UMF 7:00 pm FMI  778-0751

March 13 and 14, Bake sale and perhaps a tune at MBHS Theatre

    Productions.   MBHS 7:00 pm, during intermission

March 14, Greater Franklin Business Expo (Formerly Home and Leisure

    show) at Nichols Expo in Wilton.   FCF at 12:00 pm

March 28, Cabin Fever Crafts Fair, Nichols Expo in Wilton 9:00-10:00 am

March 28, FCF annual Weld Town Hall Concert, 7:00 pm

April 13, Bon Voyage Concert, MBHS auditorium, 7:00 pm

April 15-25 New Orleans trip!

May tba, annual Mallett PTA concert at MBHS with other MSAD #9 groups

May 14 Franklin County Homemakers performance, tba

May 15, FCF in Boothbay Harbor, all day

May 17, FCF Spring Concert with special guests, The Pineland Fiddlers

    Nordica Auditorium, UMF, 2:00 pm

2016-17 Performances

September 26, Rehearsal with Fiddleicious, MBHS

October 21, FCF with Fiddle-icious Concert at MBHS

October 23, FCF with Fiddle-icious Concert at Franco-

     American Heritage Center in Lewiston, Maine

October 29, UMF Arts - Waterbear Confabulum

November 11, Veteran’s Day Ceremony, 1:00 pm

December 3, Rotary’s Festival of Trees

December 22, FCF’s Home for the Holidays, North Church

January 22, MBHS Music Fundraiser with Opus 1 Jazz Band

March 5, Music Booster’s Fundraiser at Calzolaio’s (5-7:30)

March 13, UMF Honor’s Program Performance

March 16, Orchestra Celebration, MBHS

March 18, St. Patrick’s Celebration at St. Joseph’s Church


March 25, Annual Weld Town Hall Concert, 7:00 pm

March 29, Performances at Maine Veteran’s Home and

    Togus AM-Vet hosipital in Augusta, Maine

April 10 - Bon Voyage Concert at MBHS, 7:00 pm.

April 12-19, FCF Trip to VT, Montréal and Québec City

May 6, FCF at the Fiddlehead Festival, 12:00 - 1:00 pm

June 11, FCF at MBHS Graduation

Last Year:

15-16 Performances for the Franklin County Fiddlers

August 31, First Rehearsal

November 11, Veteran’s Day Ceremony / bowling

November 14, West Farmington Contradance

December 22, Home for the Holidays

March 8, School Board performance

March 11, Upcountry Arts Exhibit

March 12, St. Joseph’s St. Patrick’s Day dinner

March 16, University of Maine at Farmington Honors Program

March 25 and 26, Downeast Country Dance Festival

March 28, Farmington Town Meeting

April 6, Annual Weld Town Hall Concert

April 26, Tour of MBRSD Elem. Schools, Grades K-5

May 1, Wilton Congregational Church, 2:00 pm with Flipsides

May 7, Fiddlehead Festival, UMF, 12:00 noon

May 16, FCF Spring Concert at MBHS, 7:00 pm

May 21, Sugarloaf for the Rotary International Summit

May 23, FCF auditions @ MBHS, 2:30 - 6 (check aud. page)

June 6, FCF party!!!

June 12 Performance at MBHS graduation